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Posted on: October 2, 2010 5:44 pm

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Attention ATMD Participants

What you may read might not be what you want to hear, and I am sorry for that.  But with the voting turnout being pathetic to say the least this current round and it's bound to only get worse it's time to put my "Contingency" plan into effect that I have been working on behind the scenes since the first game in this 2nd Round of Playoff action.  I came back to make the playoffs void of all agendas and bias.  Now as a Judge I can lower scores, I can call out certain voters but when we're down to about 5 real voters right now it's going to be the few that select a winner.  And I didn't want to put this into effect but drastic times call for drastic measures.  Again I apologize for not coming up with this before the playoffs even started but I guess I was being to much of an optimist to think that enough voters would remain.  And I couldn't just penalize people and dangle the next years ATMD list in front of them.  So, if you're still with me here's the "Contingency Plan" that I have come up with:

Nugs Bowl New Rules:

1. There will be a 4-panel non-participant, Judging Panel that will be the sole decision making method of picking the winners.  The panel consists of Myself, GoHornets, BMu, ChiTownCliff.

2. This panel does not give a vote like you've seen before broken down.  They all pm to me their decision.

3. The winners are not revealed until the round is completely over.

4. Since I could not get a fifth member on the panel in case of a tie, my vote will be counted as the tie-breaker.

Ok, let that sit for a moment, it's a lot to digest, I know. 

The rest of the contest stays the same.  Get gameplans into me noon before the night of the game.  Word limits, and so on.  But no longer do any of you have to vote.  Now, if you wish to come in and bash a team, feel free.  If you wish to attack someones gameplan tactic, no holds barred.  Doesn't matter.

This next part will be hurtfull to some of you, you either take the whole part or you are welcome to walk.  No suggestions, no changes, sorry.

Since I put this into effect during the first game of this 2nd Round I have had this panel Vote since then.  Some of you voiced concerns about bias, and agendas.  Well, I can assure you that this panel of 4 doesn't care which one of you wins, and picked the winner of these games trully based on the plans you put forth.  No more jockying participants to get their vote.  And why is this hurtfull to some of you, because this panel may of disagreed with the game that you thought you won.  And I will be revealing the matchups of the next round tomorrow in the current game that is up.  It's different than what you think it is based on the participant votes in the games.

Nugs Bowl, it is now what it is.  It will stay this way until we get a winner.  We have 4 people who know quite a bit about the history of basketball doing this for you.  If you don't trust us, then walk.  If you have a problem with a single part of this, then sorry, walk.  It's how it has to be, and it's how it will be with or without you.

If you wish to take on the contest the way it's been, I understand, the 4 Judges will wish you all the luck and that's the end of the line for us.

If you need to think about if you wish to be part of it, that's fine.  I am posting this now and then probably won't be back until either late tonight or tomorrow morning.  This contest is strong, this contest will be void of agendas, and this contest will pick a trully great winner that will be proud, no matter what anyone thinks of that person. 

Learn it, live it, and deal with it....Carry on...Cool

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