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NBA Mock Draft 2009 Power Rankings

Rankings after Round Two of games and after second set of games:

Top Eight Teams:

1. 2-0 ( 3-0 )  Nuggets_SOS - Super-nuga-listic-expi-ali-docious:
 The first week barely edged the Bad Boys led by Big B himself and then grabbed a forfeit win against the team abandoned by ZagaFan.  So far not a single loss so homer-ism aside I have to put my own team at this spot.  With Kobe leading the Triangle Offense with support from Big Al, Bosh, and the Rook Rose along with key role players Battier, Foye, Pietrus and Powe we are looking pretty strong right now.  Criticism was a weak bench but we all know come playoff time you don't need to go too deep down the roster.

2. 1-1 ( 2-1 )  The Big B - Big B's Bad Boys: Coming right off a huge, and I mean huge win over the last number one ranked team Lesser Crew the Bad Boy's are nipping on the heals of the SupaNugs.  With Paul leading his team with not too many holes all the way down the roster.  Almost interchangable players at PF ( West, Millsap ), SG ( Redd, Crawford ), SF ( Marion, Salmons ) and Harris backing up Paul at point.  All that with the defensive Kaman at Center.  Great overall team that shouldn't even have a test next week because ZagaFans group is out.

3. 2-0 ( 1-2 )   TheSkins8 - The Drunken Monkeys: This team is led by D-Williams with the great forward combo of Melo and Amare.  With Gordon, M. Williams and Ariza making a good bench he's primed for making some noise come playoff time.  Maybe only weak link being Dunleavy starting at SG, but Gordon is a pretty potent backup coming in if you're looking to outscore the opponent.  Hasn't been tested that much with the new group but goes against the always tough Coach NH so we'll see if a ranking this high is warranted.

4. 1-1 ( 3-0 )  Harst - Lesser Crew: Almost put him at number three but the huge loss to BBBB has him all the way down to four.  I still personally really like his team, led by Howard down low with the good backcourt tandem of B-Diddy and Iggy.  Not to mention the offensive machine that is Granger at SF.  Odom and Haslem make a nice PF combo but might be his weak link.  Having D-Fish off the bench gives him great experience.  JR Smith comes in to spell Iggy and could be the best offensive weapon or the worst liability, you just never know with him.  Next week gets to battle the SupaNugs, so we'll see if the one bad game is just an aboration.

5. 2-0 ( 1-2 )   Michigan Sports - The Gamebreakers: Ah, coach Jakey has once again worked his trading Magic to find a way to become a force again.  With two loses in the first set of games to the SupaNugs and Monkeys he found himself in the third group.  But now with Duncan and Billups he's poised to battle his way deep into the playoffs.  Of course if you ask him he should be ranked number one but we all know that.  He's got the talent, it will once again come down to how he can gameplan his way through the playoffs.

6. 1-1 ( 2-1 )   North Harbour - Team 1 Large Hawaiian Thanks: Watch out for this team now, with a backcourt of Rondo and Tmac combined with one of the deepest frontcourts ( Dalembert, Aldridge, Butler, Okur, Turkaglu ) he's looking to cause trouble.  Last game he didn't turn in his plan so he finds himself with a recent loss.  Next week is going to be huge, he gets to battle the Monkeys to see who grabs the top spot in Group B.  Hopefully we get to see a great match.

7. 2-0 ( 1-2 )   MrRedSox Baller - Go 2 Work: Coach MRSB had the misfortune in the first set of games losing two of his games by one single vote, but a team with King James is always going to have a fighters chance to make some noise come playoff time.  Backcourt has Ford at Point with the very underrated Roy at 2guard.  Then Jamison and Bogut finish out the frontline next to Bron Bron.  Next week has MRSB vs. Jakey, going to be fun.

8. 2-0 ( 0-3 )    Bad News Wolves - Timber Wolves: This last spot was a difficult one.  Coach bnw found himself in the last Group because of the previous Coach and a team that only had Kobe, but after some good trades has a pretty talented cast.  A backcourt rotation has Calderon, Gay, Mayo and Feton with Forwards Boozer, G. Walace, Turiaf and the deep threat Lewis and finally the bigman Bynum backed up by Hawes.  Really a very good array of talent that could pose some serious problems for some teams come playoff time. 

And Teams missing the top Eight:

  • 1-1 ( 2-1 )   BMu_1963 - Anti-Christ's Planet Orange Redemption Pure offensive group, backcourt of Nash and Iverson.
  • 0-2 ( 1-2 )   ChrisperJ10 - Austin/Phoenix Thundering Bevo Haven't seen a plan, incomplete.
  • 0-2 ( 1-2 )   GoCavs33 - The King Pins Had a good first gameplan, took over an underhanded team.
  • 1-1 ( 1-2 )    axesstarr - The Elites Haven't seen a plan, incomplete.
  • 1-1 ( 1-2 )    windy city joe - Joe Knows Basketball Actually not a bad team, Wade and Shaq with Posey, Murphy and Kapono.

And just plain Missing In Action:

  • 0-2 ( 3-0 )  gonzagafan62 - Zagfan's Highlight Reels
  • 0-2 ( 2-1 )   blood_baller - San Diego Squarepants
  • 0-2 ( 0-3 )    tfitz - Smooth Criminals

So I made this thread into a poll for fun, vote for which of the top 8 teams deserves the top spot.  We have one more final set of games coming before the beloved Championship Tournament.  If you're not familar with anyones rosters you can check my blogs for the complete breakdown of each Coaches team.  Good Luck to everyone and Enjoy.

Power Rankings after Second Set of Games:

1. 2-0 ( 16-6 / .727 )     Harst - Lesser Crew:  Battled hard with a good G2W team, still pulled out a win.  Superman is leading this team to the top of this ranking yet again, as he should.  Best interior bigman in the game.  Goes into yet another huge game against the equally undefeated Hawaiin Squad, one of many games of the week.  Winner takes the division, as good as you could ask for.

2. 2-0 ( 10-2 / .833 )    Nuggets_SOS - Super-nuga-listic-expi-ali-docious:
  Really beat one of the best teams in the Drunken Monkeys pretty well.  Nipping on the number one ranked LC's heals.  Good blend of defense and offense has now this team looking to take on the dangerous Gamebreakers, Coach Jakey vs. Coach Nuggets - should be entertaining in the threads!

3. 2-0 ( 13-1 / .929 )     submission - San Diego Squarepants : Went up against the Tmackers and had an eventfull game to say the least.  Really could be ranked along the other two teams since they are posting such a great win / loss percentage.  Next week is the game that will really prove how good this team is, win and welcome to Group A.  Going against the towers known as BBBB will be very tough.

4. 2-0 ( 10-7 / .588 )     North Harbour - Team 1 Large Hawaiian Thanks:  Perfect example of a team quietly getting it done.  Led by Tmac himself this team eeked out another win, showing that it's ready for the big test of Lesser Crew next game.  Will we see more minutes for Sessions, will we see the potent 3wing/2post attack, and can NH slow down Superman? Bring your kryptonite.

5. 1-1 ( 11-8 / .611 )    TheSkins8 - The Drunken Monkeys:  Even though this team lost to the SupaNugs, it's still a top tier team because of the potent offense it can unload on any team.  Goes against the crazy team of Clutch Killers that keep trotting out a 3-G / 2-C lineup.  All this team needs is a bit more defense and it's going to be uber-dangerous.  Really could of won the last game but he decided to hold back on the pace, I have a feeling we're gonna see some running in the next one. 

6. 1-1 ( 7-11 / .388 )     axesstarr - The Elites:  With a close win in overtime the second offensive squad found itself back in the running. A new coach and a new philosophy this team could be dangerous.  Unless The Elites get a ton of votes without any against them the division is just out of their reach due to the week one showing.  But which ever Grouping this team ends up in they will find themselves in a dogfight now with Coach Axe running the show. 

7. 1-1 ( 16-7 / .696 )     The Big B - Big B's Bad Boys:  Ranked as number 7 but really in a clumping of the "second tiers" of teams, which is just a slim notch below the first group.  In a back and forth match found themselves on the losing end of overtime but gets to make up for that by going into another game of the week against Coach Subby, where it's basically winner takes the division.  We could be seeing another overtime game and it's going to come down to the gameplans, Coach Biggy is upset and is going to bring it, great match coming!

8. 2-0 ( 13-10 / .565 )    blood_baller ( formally Flavor ) - Winning Gamblers: Good team that has been tossed around from Owner to Owner and won the Roster Only match.  But watch out because next week they go against The Kobe's.  With a win the division is locked up and welcome to the A-Team.  Duncan, West and Billups can pose a potent trio to any team.

9. 1-1 ( 5-6 / .454 )        BMu_1963 ( formally ChrisperJ10 )  - Anti-Christ's Planet Orange Redemption:  New name, new owner.  Lost in a close Roster Only match, which is the only reason it's ranked under the WG's.  A team that really we haven't even seen a gameplan yet from but now with Coach BMu running the squad we could see some fireworks.  Could be a top 3 team with some good direction.

10. 1-1 ( 9-9 / .500 )      Michigan Sports - The Gamebreakers: Coach Jakey layed a beatdown on the Clutch Killers last week and gets to take on the SupaNugs.  Oden is beginning to show signs of being a good defensive player, the Piston only bench isn't rocking the world like Coach Jakey hoped for, but 3 good SF's on the squad.  I know that the threads will be flowing with love...heh.

11. 0-2 ( 10-12 / .454 )  MrRedSox Baller - Go 2 Work: The LeBron led G2W team found itself losing another 5-6 match, with just not enough defensive help the team finds itself towards the bottom of the ranking, but really a few more votes could of made this team a top tier team. Likely to be in the C or D bracket but who really would want to go against this team? 

12. 0-1 ( 5-7 / .416 )        goodfellas31 - David Stern's Jowel:  The winner of the DSJ vs. TW match claim the 12 spot, match still to be seen but a great backcourt of Rip / A.I. / Arenas but still has some questions of could that trio work together?  Really an underrated team that could find itself climbing back up with a win ( if we see a gameplan ).  Just missing that last link of the puzzle, one trade could make this team dangerous.

12. 0-1 ( 0-0 / .000 )        Bad News Wolves ( formally SpecKeta ) - Timberwolves: Another team that we really haven't seen a gamplan from yet.  With Kobe this team could of been easily in the top tier, especially with the Lakers following that find themselves on these boards.  No votes and no gameplans have this team just with a huge question mark right now.

14. 0-2 ( 3-14 / .176 )    GoHornets21 - Smooth Criminals:  Really the mystery team of this competition.  Top backcourt no question, Johnson is playing lights out and even though B-Diddy's team is horrid, he's still pretty good individually.  Another team that is just lacking one frontcourt player to really put Coach Go over the top.  Crazy to think how competitive some of the lower groups are going to be.  The loser of the SC vs. G2W game is in the final bracket, and could be a tournament upset waiting to happen in the weeks to come.

15. 0-2 ( 0-11 / .000 )   clutch1212 - The Clutch Killers:  Mathmatically can't be anywhere but group D come the next round.  Amazing a team led by D-Wade hasn't received a single vote.  Will Coach Clutch get the plea from the voters to see a different lineup, or will he continue to try the same thing expecting a different result?

16. 0-2 ( 1-18 / .083 )     mcgradykid134 - T-Mackers:  Ah, our beloved Coach mcgradykid pulled a Jakey second account vote trick to try to get some love only to be lucky he's still in this competition.  It's going to be a tough climb, but with a win against Coach Axe this team could find itself out of the Group D bracket because of winning the head to head tie-breaker.  We'll see what his third try at winning will result in.

Overall: We certainlly are seeing some of the teams seperate themselves from the pack in either direction.  With the boards flowing with trade talks many teams are trying to find that missing piece that was lacking in their first couple of games.  The votes tailed off a bit but hopefully we can drum up some more interest in this final set of games coming.  A few of the previous threads found some really good back and forth, which this Coach is always fond of.  It's strange to find the top two players in ppg ( Wade and James ) on the bottom tiers of teams, does that show that a team needs more than just a go-to scorer?  Balanced teams are at the top, good defense and offense, as they should be.  A few HUGE games this week that will really show the difference in the teams, I am looking forward to seeing everyones gameplan and let's try to stay on schedule and vote in as many games as we can.  GOOD LUCK to everyone!

Power Rankings ( First Set of Games ):

1. 1-0 ( 10-1 ) Harst - Lesser Crew: Dwight Howard led this team to a beatdown of a pretty good squad led by GoHornets, Granger is doing well in ppg, Aldridge is contributing without Oden again, and Iggy is a solid 2guard, only question is an aging Kidd, but solid team.  Next game will be another test going against the LeBron led Go2Work team. 
2. 1-0 ( 9-2 ) TheSkins8 - The Drunken Monkeys: Went into game one with his offfensive powerhouse and knocked down Jakey's squad pretty well, even though Oden came out as a dud I still thought this game would be closer.  Amare is a great anchor to bring into any game.  Next game will be a big one, two leaders of the division going after it as SupaNugs will try to knock him down.
3. 1-0 ( 4-0 ) Nuggets_SOS - Super-nuga-listic-expi-ali-docious:
Not many votes in my game but still beating a D-Wade led team is something to be said.  Bosh is right with Amare and Howard as the current dominating bigman in the league.  Next game has some great matchups, should be a grudge match back and forth.  Stat vs. Stat-man, oh yea.
3. 1-0 ( 6-1 )   submission - San Diego Squarepants: A very solid team, really could be ranked in any of the above spots.  Parker and Roy have been tearing it up, and KG anchors a solid frontcourt.   Next game has him going against coach mcgradykid's squad.  Two of the "hot" PG's in Parker and Calderon going at it.  Tmackers are slim at SG, but bring a couple good forwards in. 
5. 1-0 ( 11-1 ) The Big B - Big B's Bad Boys: Ranked here because with 3 centers the first game was a bit easy since mcgradykid's squad was only with one true point guard since he had to pick up a center in the add / drop.  Similar to Subbys team could be ranked higher.  Next game goes against the offensive force that Coach DJ brings, going to be a tough draw for Brandons squad.
6. 1-0 ( 6-5 )   North Harbour - Team 1 Large Hawaiian Thanks: Close match with Coach MRSB, came down to overtime, team led by Tmac with a bunch of solid bigmen.  Sessions is starting to produce and this team could be making big leaps forward. We will see if Coach NH goes again with no real PG against B-Diddy, or if his late round steal of Sessions pays off.
7. 1-0 ( 0-0 ) ChrisperJ10 - Chrisper & Crew: Won the first match by forfeit, great squad with D-Will and Brand leading the way.  Although we haven't seen Williams this year, this team is solid top to bottom, only down this low because Coach Chrisp is untested. One of the better games next week against the Duncan led Gamblers, the winner of that game will be towards the top for sure.
8. 1-0 ( 7-5 ) blood_baller - Winning Gamblers: Coach Blood has a slim lead in the match and unless we get a run of votes he will grab a win.  Great frontcourt with Duncan / West and a solid leader in Billups.  Next week has Billups vs. D-Will, has Brand vs. Duncan, good coaches and should be one of the better matches.
9. 0-1 ( 5-6 )   MrRedSox Baller - Go 2 Work: Coach MRSB almost pulled out a victory.  Any team led by LeBron is going to be tough, that's why he is ranked highest amongst the first game losers.  First game was vs. T-Mac, second one is vs. Howard.  Not an easy way to start this contest off, but with a good gamplan anything is possible.
10. 0-1 ( 2-9 ) Michigan Sports - The Gamebreakers: Coach Jakey put too many minutes on the Bust-of-the-Hour Oden.  He could come on strong once he's back which will make this team a force.  Great from team from the 2 to 4 spot, with a quick PG running the show.  In the first game the Pistons
Bench didn't come through like he was expecting, but as the season progresses watch out.  Next week it's going to be SG-Pierce vs. SG-Wade, that should be interesting to say the least.
11. 0-1 ( 1-6 )   DJTANKELITE - The Elites: The Offensive force that Coach DJ brings ran up against a good balanced team in week one and had trouble getting votes.  Beasley is playing well which gives him even more options.  Maybe the game of the week next time against the Twin Towers of Brandon's squad, should be a good one.
12. 0-1 ( 1-10 ) GoHornets21 - Smooth Criminals: Really a solid team with Johnson doing so well this year, B-Diddy has been quiet so far but nice balance, just couldn't come up with enough to compete with Superman.  Very good match lies ahead with Coach NH bringing T-Mac to the court, this one could come down to overtime.
13. 0-1 ( 5-7 ) goodfellas31 - David Stern's Jowel: Coach GF has the new Pistons backcourt of A.I. / Rip.  Close battle with Coach Blood but couldn't get enough love for his 3-headed backcourt attack.  Some lesser name but good players grace his squad and we will see if he gets a chance next week against SpecKeta.
14. 0-1 ( 0-4 ) clutch1212 - The Clutch Killers: Really a good team, just needs to rearrange some of the players.  D-Wade kept the low votes close against SupaNugs and will against most, because of his dominance.  Maybe we will see D-Rose get more minutes since he is coming on so strong, should be an interesting one against Coach Jakey next time.
15. 0-1 ( 1-11 ) mcgradykid134 - T-Mackers: Coach mcgradykid made a questionable trade before the deadline that hurt his team a bit, getting Marion was a good move but he didn't address the need at SG and gave up Yao to hurt his Center matchups.  Going against Coach Subby next week is going to be a test, but now that Calderon is coming along he could surprise.
16. 0-1 ( 0-0 ) Specketa - Timberwolves: Suprise that Coach SpecKeta didn't submit a plan, well - not really.  Kobe could of made some noise in his game but if he keeps as a no-show this team could find a new Owner fast.  Only at bottom because of no plan, good team.

Overall: Week one power rankings are always difficult because you really need two solid games to get an indication, really the top 7 spots could be in any order.  We had a bunch of blowouts in the first set of games but something tells me the games are going to be quite a bit closer in the second set.  A few potential games of the week.  Can some of the NBA dominant players keep their pace to help their squads in here with another win?  Can some of the injured NBA players come back to help with votes?  There could be up to 6 teams that still are undefeated by the end of the second sets of games.  Work on your plans, get in the games to vote and let's see who graces the top spot next week...




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